Fatherhood (3) – Like Father, Like Son


Like Father, Like Son 「そして父になる」(2013)

Ryota (Masaharu Fukuyama) is a successful Tokyo architect who learns that his six-year-old son Keita isn’t actually his son at all. In fact, his biological son Ryusei is being brought up by an electrician and his wife in a not so well-to-do part of town. The two boys were switched at birth in the hospital, and each has been unwittingly raising the other’s son as their own.

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So what was Ryusei’s mum like?(りゅうせいのママは、どんな人?)

ex. What does natto taste like?(なっとうはどんな味?)  The movie wasn’t anything like what I expected. (その映画は、想像したとまったく違うものだった)


biological は、「生物学的な」という意味で、上記のbiological sonは生物学上、血のつながった息子という意味になります。


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