Cycling (1) – Breaking Away

通勤だけで月900kmほど走行距離がある自転車愛好者の僕。その僕が一年でmotivation MAXになるイベント、ツール・ド・フランスがついに始まった。3週間もの熱戦だけど、最後の最後までお見逃しなく・・・。 今年は、KINGに近づいているコロンビア出身のキンタナ選手と先月のツール・オブ・ジャパンでステージ優勝を果たした新城幸也選手を応援。


Breaking Away  [1979] (ヤング・ゼネレーション)

Dave thinks of nothing other than cycling and dreams of racing in Europe. He idolizes the Italian racers to the extent that he even pretends to be Italian to impress a new girl. However, the Italians aren’t so happy about Dave when they see he is able to perform as well as them. Becoming disillusioned upon finding out the true nature of his idols, Dave’s friends encourage him to race for them in the Little 500.

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Mike:  The only thing I’m afraid of is wasting the rest of my life with you guys!
Cyril:   I thought that was the whole plan. That we were going to waste the rest of our lives together. 


Mom:   So, you see, I think you really should go. I think you should come home, singing, with a trophy.   I think you should do all those things while you can.
Dave:    I win this one for you Mama.

Enjoy your ride, Mark