Cycling (3) – American Flyers



American Flyers   [1985] (アメリカン・フライヤーズ)

Sports physician Marcus (Kevin Costner) persuades his brother David to train with him for a bicycle race across the Rocky Mountains despite the fact that he believes David has a life-threatening medical condition. However, while David battles the other riders, it is Marcus who has to battle the illness.


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What’s the big deal?

DAVID      :: Marcus, what’s the big deal? You don’t need me. You’re winning.
MARCUS  :: The big deal is, we’re brothers.

問題や騒ぎの原因を明らかにしてほしい時に使う質問で、What’s going on? より強調している。

Hit 60 mph

MARCUS  :: Some of these guys are gonna be hitting about 60 miles an hour.

ex. The rocket just hit Mach 10.(ロケットはマッハ10に達したところ)

Ride safe, Mark