You seem really familiar

Ruby Sparks (2012)

Struggling with writer’s block, novelist Calvin’s therapist gives him an assignment to write a page about someone who likes his shy dog. Calvin dreams he meets an attractive young woman, who says she likes the dog. Waking up, he is inspired to write about her. Returning to therapy, Calvin admits he is falling in love with the character he is writing and tells the therapist all about Ruby Sparks.

DOCTOR     ::  I’m glad you found something that inspires you.

CALVIN       ::  Inspires me? It overwhelms me. I literally cannot sleep or eat. All I wanna do is write. I mean, I almost didn’t come here today because I didn’t wanna be away from her.

Typing the new novel about Ruby on his manual typewriter, he can’t believe his eyes one morning when his dream girl becomes a real person.

CALVIN       ::  God, it’s happening. It’s really happening this time. They’re gonna hospitalize me.

RUBY         ::  What’s wrong?

A beautiful relationship begins and when things aren’t so perfect, all Calvin has to do is simply type the words on the page and Ruby’s actions change to what he needs.

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= to be known by many people or have some knowledge of.

RUBY         ::  You seem really familiar. Maybe we knew each other in another life. Or maybe we just go to the same coffee shop. What do you do besides go for walks with your dog?

CALVIN     ::  I’m a writer.

RUBY         ::  What do you write? (sees Calvin’s photo in the book) So that’s why you look so familiar.